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THE PAUL BOGLE FOUNDATION : FIRE BAPTISM 24TH OCTOBER COMMEMORATION DAY Let us give the Almighty Supreme Being, the Creator of all things, the one one who gives life and existence, all the honour, glory, praises and power. Tomorrow, Tomorrow is only a few hours away. We all have a point of duty and now that duty calls, the ancestors call, our children call, mama Africa call.

Cleansing Purging Purification Unification, Paul Bogle Wants A UNITED AFRICAN NATION PAUL BOGLE FOUNDATION : 24th October Fire Baptism For The Millions Of African Who Died As A Result Of Slavery And Apartheid So Was It In The Beginning So Shall It Be In The End : Only Blackman Shall Stand Fire Baptism by candlelight, Oct 24th COMMEMORATION DAY for all of InI ANCESTORS who died as a result of SLAVERY and APARTHEID. . . .

Aims and Objectives

To established the 24 th of October as the Day of Commemoration for all Africans who died as a result of Slavery.
To get all 54 states of Africa to light one million candles every 24th of October.
To find rest for all the souls of our ancestors who did not get a burial.
To cleanse purge purify unite the peoples of my race
To assist in Africa’s Unity
To promote love and good will among all Africans home and abroad

We are asking every person of good will to light a candle on the 24th, of October at 6pm where ever you are. Every candle should be videoed or photographed and put on social media. Fire means cleansing and fire also mean purity, in order to create a unification of the black race. You must use the power of fire to create a spiritual cleaning. The Paul bogle foundation Fire baptism to the world by candlelight 24th October commemoration day for the millions who died because of slavery and apartheid The candle stores must be out of stock by now, Thursday is that day which is tomorrow Those who have not purchased their candle/candles as yet, Please do so today, Don’t wait for tomorrow. The Paul bogle foundation fire baptism 24th October commemoration day Belated fire baptism 24th of October commemoration day candles are accepted from those who did not get to participate due to unforeseen circumstances on Thursday. Some people lighted but have not uploaded, you still can, those who Facebook messenger are giving problems to upload their candles, please don’t be frustrated and retire from trying, be determined and patient, keep trying. You have a 7days grace period . Hotter the battle sweeter the victory.


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