THIS IS A SPECIAL DAY IN THE HISTORY OF THE BLACK MAN . . . October 24th 1865 when they turned their backs on Paul Bogle , thanks to Bob Marley to highlight this in his song. We will all light a candle in Morant Bay and anywhere you are in the world in remembrance of all black man, woman and child who died because of SLAVERY and APARTHEID on the 24th October 2018, and this will be an annual event.

Mama Africa


Rome And Mecca . . . Inna Africa, Rome And Mecca . . . Inna Africa, Rome And Mecca . . . Inna Africa, Mek! We can't get no peace inna wi soul. What a tug of war, between the two a dem, Words of blasphemy, who dem a condemn, Dem Pull Mama Africa To The East ,Then To The West, Then Drag Her To The Right, Then To The Left, Each One Seh , "A Me A Deh Best", A Me Fe Control The Rope Around Her Neck, Them Happy, Fe Have Black People Life Inna Distress, Have The Africans Minds, Under Duress, 50% A De Minds, Mecca Harness, 40% A De Minds, Rome Harness, 10% A De Minds Deh Under A Big Big Hex, Put the continent in a one big mess, Cleansing Purging Purification Unification Paul Bogle Want A United African Nation. Jah Ras Tafari Warrior, Jah Ras Tafari Empress. Come Fe Tek Off the Wire, Tek We Outta The Stress. . . . . . . Jah Ras Tafari. 24th OCTOBER COMMEMORATION DAY FOR OUR ANCESTORS WHO DIED BECAUSE OF SLAVERY AND APARTHEID. Paul Bogle Foundation.

Functions In The Month Of October

October is here , the month of our Fire Baptism. The month Paul Bogle was martyred by hanging at the hands of the Whiteman, in Morant Bay St Thomas, in the east of Jamaica. October is the month of the Morant Bay Rebellion, also the month when Paul Bogle so Noble, a Baptist Deacon, led a protest march from Stony Gut to Morant Bay on the 11th day of the month. A man of good personality and character, a peace loving man, who loves harmony, had a positive influence on all the Africans in the east and on everyone he meets. Times were harsh in those days, since it was not long after slavery was abolished (1838), (people getting accustomed to be free and no more a slave), high unemployment, disease a bit rife , the plantations under producing due to unfavorable climatic conditions, the mentioning of wanting to revert the abolishment of slavery by the plantation owners, Paul Bogle was always coming up with the solutions to the problems that existed at that time for his people. His inherent quality as a leader manifested itself , hence the march to see Governor Eyrie from thence the protest started that led to the march, the rebellion and consequently his martyrdom. Paul Bogle Foundation. On the 24th of October 1865 a top AFRICAN DIED HERE IN JAMAICA BECAUSE OF HIS GREAT AND HONORABLE DEEDS FOR HIS PEOPLE. What greater love ? Paul Bogle so NOBLE.

The Dreadful Middle Passage


At least 120 million Africans were enslaved and transported to Europe and the Americas between the 15th and 19th centuries as part of the Atlantic slave trade. The brutal trade was spurred by a strong demand for labor on plantations in the Americas. Eventually, it became an integral part of an international trading system in which Europeans and North Americans exchanged merchandise for human cargo along Africa’s western and west central Atlantic coasts. 1502 First reported African slaves in the New World. 1640-1680 Beginning of large-scale introduction of African slave labor in the British Caribbean for sugar production. 1791 The Haitian Revolution begins with a slave uprising in the French West Indian colony of Santo Domingo. The revolution will eventually lead to the establishment of the black nation of Haiti ten years later. 1793 Waves of white refugees pour into United States ports, fleeing the insurrection in Santo Domingo. 1794 France emancipates all slaves in the French colonies. In the United States, Congress passes legislation prohibiting the manufacture, fitting, equipping, loading or dispatching of any vessel to be employed in the slave trade. 1795 Pinckney’s Treaty, also known as Treaty of San Lorenzo, establishes commercial relations between the United States and Spain. 1800 The United States enacts stiff penalties for American citizens serving voluntarily on slave ships trading between two foreign countries. 1803 Denmark is first to ban the slave trade. 1804 The Republic of Haiti is declared on January 1, 1804 by General Jean-Jacques Dessalines. 1807 Britain, the principal slave-trading nation, bans the Atlantic slave trade. 1807 The United States passes legislation banning slave trade that will take effect the following year. 1810 British negotiate an agreement with Portugal calling for gradual abolition of slave trade in the South Atlantic. 1815 At the Congress of Vienna, the British pressure Spain, Portugal, France and the Netherlands to agree to abolish the slave trade. However, Spain and Portugal are permitted a few years of continued slaving to replenish labor supplies

A Concise Insight and Hailings to the world

Greetings one and all, Greetings Mama Africa, Greetings to the African Americans , North or South , the African Caribbeans, to the African Jamaicans, African British, African Canadian , African Asians, African Australian, African European, Greetings to the UNIA, TO THE OAU, Greetings African Unity (AU), the ACL, the Radio (Black conscious) Stations, News Media, Television Stations, Cable Networks, let us all give the Fire Baptism by Candlelight on the 24th October 2018 A SPECIAL THOUGHT. See the essentials , the significance of . Every country in Africa should allow this FIRE Baptism to take place in their capital. Big shout to Ghanaians. One Million Candles should be lit and burnt , starting with a prayer , a prayer for the ancestors who lost their lives as a result and repercussions of the dreadful SLAVERY. Bless you all my RACE. Paul Bogle was a Jamaican Baptist deacon and is a National Hero of Jamaica. He was a leader of the 1865 Morant Bay Protesters, who agitated for justice and fair treatment for all the people in Jamaica. The Law Of The Almighty Supreme are Right and Who Obeys Them are Happy. The Law Of The Almighty Supreme is Perfect it gives New Strength. This vision of the Fire Baptism is perfect and right , this message is from the Supreme Almighty, if we obey this calling and implement it, we the Africans, home and abroad, will be very happy and with Africans united in minds and on one accord, we will obtain this New Strength , which will assist us enormously in our Unification as a RACE but also as a CONTINENT subsequently in no time . . . United States of Africa..... Eureka. Fire Baptism ...Trans-Atlantic slave trade was the largest and most famous slave trade, which occurred in Africa during the early period of 15th century until slavery was abolished in the late 19th century. During its occurrence, slaves were transported to the new world colonies of Europe, from various regions and States including Eastern region of Africa, West Central Africa, as well as West Africa. African slaves were transported during the trans-Atlantic slave trade into European new world colonies. A lot of people died during the process of transportation, both to the coast and during the actual raids and voyage to the new world. I ask you all not to lose focus, neither faith . These are perilous times as Obadiah pointed earlier on in his video posting of the Rivers and other fresh water bodies turning blood red , indicating that mama earth is crying so much that she is now crying blood. Same way with my brothers and sisters they have been crying so long from slavery, apartheid and downpression, that now it is blood in their eyes. We need to do something about this, we need to unite Africa, so we as black people home and abroad can have a POWER BASE which is a United Africa to uplift and defend our people anywhere they are on this earth. My people, there is a saying "yuh can see them face but yuh can't see them heart" . They come to you in all types of disguises smiling (Wolf inna sheep clothing) and acting as if they are with you, with the most talk and the most innocent face, but a pity you don't know they are espionage agents of Babylon who are planted amongst us who don't want us to achieve our objectives, because they are instruments of our enemies. Be wary of them, be vigilant. Study them good. I ask you all not to lose focus, neither faith. These are perilous times as Obadiah pointed out in one of his video posting of the rivers and other fresh water bodies turning blood red, indicating that mama earth is crying so much that she is now crying blood. Same way with my brothers and sisters they have been crying so long from slavery, apartheid and downpression, that now it is blood in their eyes. We need to do something about this, we need to unite Africa, so we as black people home and abroad can have a POWER BASE which is a United Africa to uplift and defend our people anywhere they are on this earth. Poverty and injustice in the society and lack of public confidence in the central authority, urged Bogle to lead a protest march to the Morant Bay courthouse on October 11, 1865. In a violent confrontation with full official forces that followed the march , nearly 7000 people were killed and a lot was flogged and punished and 1000 houses got burnt down before law and order was restored , Paul Bogle was captured and hanged on October 24, 1865; but his forceful demonstration achieved its objectives. It paved the way for the establishment of just practices in the courts and it brought about a change in official attitude, which made possible the social and economic betterment of his people. The curse of selling out each other to the white man from the time of slavery until now, has cast the spell of disunity upon us and should thus be exorcised and abolished. One of our main issues is the lack of love and respect for each other, resulting in us, cannot get things done to achieve the goal of unification. Fire Baptism to the World.

Chicago USA

Ras James Anderson In Solidarity with PAUL BOGLE FOUNDATION, Commemorating The ANCESTORS. 24th October Commemoration Day. May this FIRE burn away the oppression, may this FIRE burn away the pain . . .


Nana Adu Gyamfi Namatse please forgive I. Jah know. My Brothers CANDLE burning for the Ancestors. Commemorating the 24th October COMMEMORATION DAY.

Nigeria, Africa

Nigeria Africa, Come Alive Standing in Solidarity with the 24TH OCTOBER COMMEMORATION DAY for all those who died as a result of slavery and Apartheid. Happy Ancestors.

Jennifer Bennett

Remembering the ancestors with love and respect. #oct24 #trelawny #philly #givethanks #neverforget #nakia #ancestors #paulboglefoundation

Osama Lüü Kalushi - Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town South Africa, Standing in Solidarity with the 24TH OCTOBER COMMEMORATION DAY, COMMEMORATING THE ANCESTORS; those who died as a result of slavery and APARTHEID.

Liberia, Africa

Liberia: Moe Adams Dual Commemoration, His Wife Off And The ANCESTORS. 24th October Commemoration Day . Strength and Honour, Jah is standing right beside the I, Angels and ANCESTORS . We know you are not Afraid. Jah Army.

Habte Selassie and Ras Osagyefo - New York City, USA

Brooklyn New York City, USA. Bonafide yuh bone nuffi fry, Heartical, the I them nuh Artificial.

We were few in numbers but we were there even though the wind was blowing cold yes Brooklyn was standing in solidarity with the Paul Bogle Foundation in Morant Bay Jamaica for their first annual Fire Baptism by Candlelight to remember the lifework of Paul Bogle and the Millions of African Souls who died during slavery.

Ras Osagyefo's Daughter - New York City, USA

Princess Lioness Standing For A Cause. A Positive Cultured Futuristic Empress. Jah Bless. Brooklyn, New York City. 24th October Commemoration Day.

Sierra Leone, Africa

Umaru WarChild Kabba and children standing for Justice for our ANCESTORS. Fire Baptism. Sierra Leone, Africa . 24th October , Commemoration Day.

Jameela Jahmeela's Photo

Empress Of Valor, Empress Of Cosmic Knowledge, Jameela Jahmeela . 24th October, Commemoration Day, Commemorating The ANCESTORS who died because of Slavery and Apartheid.Jameela Jahmeela Love Your Candle. . . More Fire them feel dah one yah. Hot : The ANCESTORS smile.

Ras Tau - California, USA

Jah Ras Tafari Warrior, Ras Tau, Commemorating the 24th October for the ANCESTORS. Remembrance etched deep, bless up the ANCESTORS and light the Candle .

Ras Mabandla - United African

Jah Ras Tafari Warrior, Ras Mabandla, Giving Respect To Our ANCESTORS, 24th October Annual Commemoration Day . Respect King . . . Nuff Honour.

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