Memorial For Those Who Died Because Of Slavery and Apartheid









" Love ourselves , let us all work together . . . it nuh matter where you are, remember forgiveness is key . AFRICA UNITE ... Bob Marley...Jah Messenger "

" United we stand, divided we fall. We will never know ourselves until our backs is against the wall, you cannot have a good and excellent organisation until you find the enemies within and purge them from within. "

" No rightful man want's to drink the bitter milk of failure ... Paul Bogle foundation is beckoning to our people not to let us fail, neither our quest for the Unification of Africa to be a futile attempt. Let us commemorate this day, the 24th October as an international day of recognition for all who died as a result of slavery. Paul Bogle Foundation. "

" Love forgiveness, mutual respect and discipline are the ingredients in our pot. Ital pot, don't watch that. Keep it lock . Stay FOCUS on the trod . We have a mission to accomplish. It is our time now. Fire Baptism by Candlelight. "

The Ashanti King of Ghana

His Royal Highness

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